Residential Routine Pest Control Maintenance

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5 Videography Tools Used To Capture Proof Of Termite Infestation

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Typical homeowner insurance does not cover the costs associated with pest damage, but there are protection plans available. Typically referred to as termite bonds, these policies help cover the costs for treatments and repairs due to an infestation of termites. When you are involved with a claim, it’s important to document as many details as possible. This includes the first signs of the termites, key attack areas, and any other visual evidence to help with your claim. Read More»

4 Bad Habits That Can Attract Cockroaches

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Nobody wants to share their home with cockroaches, but many homeowners end up dealing with these unwelcome pests. Studies have shown that at least 78% of homes in urban areas have these pests while other studies have reported figures as high as 98%. If you don’t want your home to be among this majority, you need to make sure that you’re not doing anything to attract them, such as these four bad habits. Read More»

4 Things You Need To Know About Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are a big problem for American homeowners: one-fifth of Americans have either had their own bed bug infestation or know someone who’s had one. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of, even for professionals, but one treatment that can be effective is heat. Here’s what you need to know about this treatment method.  How does heat treatment work? Bed bugs are hardy pests and can survive in a wide range of temperatures; they can even survive for up to three days inside your freezer! Read More»

Neighbors Have Termites? Here Are A Few Things You Can Do To Keep The Termites From Moving Into Your House

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Termite colonies can quickly take over entire neighborhoods. If you have noticed a termite treatment service at your neighbor’s house, it’s time to have your own house checked over for signs of termite damage. If damage is found, you’ll need to make repairs, as necessary, and eliminate the termites from the structure of your home. Even if you do not find termite damage, it’s still a good idea to have your home and property treated. Read More»

The Asian Lady Beetle: An Invasive Pest

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There are numerous pests that can invade your home and garden: roaches, ants, wasps, etc. However, one of the most annoying and hard to get rid of pests is actually the Asian Lady Beetle. They are among the peskiest of pests and stubborn of bugs that you can encounter. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn how to properly define and identify the Asian Lady Beetle, you will learn their origins — where they came from and how they got here, how to identify an infestation of Asian Lady Beetles, and finally, you will learn how to cope with the beasts yourself. Read More»

Killing Cockroaches 101

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Roaches can be one of the biggest problems you will face as a homeowner or a renter. They’re pesky little beasts that you just can’t seem to get rid of. There are a few ways you can take matters into your own hands and get rid of cockroaches for good. It’s not easy, but there are ways you can exterminate cockroaches for good. This brief article will teach a few tricks of the trade. Read More»

Handling Dangerous Dogs: What To Do When You Encounter An Aggressive Stray

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Dogs are man’s best friend when properly trained, but stray dogs can seem like a separate animal altogether. If you’ve noticed dangerous strays in your area and you’re worried about your safety, it’s vital to learn how you can escape unharmed from a confrontation with a stray dog. Don’t Let Friendly Behavior Confuse You When you’re dealing with a dog you don’t know, it’s highly possible that it will display some form of seemingly friendly behavior toward you. Read More»