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Top 4 Steps For Successful Spider Control

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Although many spiders are beneficial insects when living outside of your home, they can cause anxiety once they enter your living space. In addition, some spider bites may even cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals, so it is best to take measures to control a spider infestation as soon as you become aware of the problem. 

Take Immediate Action to Remove the Spiders You See

The first step in eradicating spiders is to remove any visible spiders so that they don't have a chance to reproduce. You can kill the spiders with a shoe or rolled up newspaper. Afterward, use your vacuum cleaner and go around each room in your home, vacuuming up any spider webs that you see. Look in corners, dark places, and even in between your window glass and outside screen. Should you come across any egg sacks, you'll want to vacuum those up as well. 

Make Your Home Less Attractive to the Spiders

Now you'll want to take some time to change the environment in and around your home so that it isn't an ideal living space for the spiders. Start off by decluttering the home, as spiders enjoy hiding places. This is especially important in your attic and basement where clutter is more prevalent. If you stored any items in boxes, take the time to make sure they are sealed so no spiders get inside. Next, head outdoors and move any stacks of firewood or clutter that may be situated up against the perimeter of the house. You'll also want to spend an afternoon trimming any shrubs or bushes that are close to the house. 

Replace or Remove Outdoor Lighting

Leaving lights on outside at night attracts a variety of bugs and insects that spiders feed on. Instead of providing meals for the spiders and giving them a reason to stick around, it is best to remove the outside lights. If you don't want to come home in the dark, you can replace the traditional bulbs with a few yellow or sodium vapor light bulbs. The University of Kentucky's Entomology Department recommends these, as spiders are less attracted to them. 

Hire a Spider Pest Control Specialist

The last step is taking care of the spiders you don't see and having a protective chemical barrier sprayed around the foundation of your home. While there are chemicals on the market that you can purchase and apply yourself, this is not ideal. A pest control expert is trained on how to properly use the chemicals and has an extensive knowledge of how the spiders operate. He or she will also be able to identify the specific spider species you are targeting to create the best plan of action so that you have long term spider control. Contact a company like Godfather's Exterminating, Inc. to get help.