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Some Popular Bed Bug Myths That May Compromise Your Ability To Address This Problem

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There are few pest problems that can be as troublesome as bed bugs. These insects can leave painful bites, and while you will want to rid your home of this pests as quickly as possible, you may not have all of the information needed to combat these insects.

Myth: Ridding A Home Of Bed Bugs Only Requires Treating It With Pesticide

Homeowners that have recently discovered that their houses are experiencing bed bug problems may assume that they can correct this problem through simply spraying the interior of the house with pesticides. While pesticides will be essential in eliminating the bed bugs, there are other steps that will need to be taken. For example, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the affected area as there may be bed bug eggs. If any of these eggs remain after the treatment, this problem may quickly return. To remove these eggs, you will need to steam clean any furniture, carpeting or other fabrics before treating them with the pesticides.

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Live In Mattresses

There is a frequent belief that these insects will only target mattresses. While a mattress will be one of the more common targets for these insects, they will choose to live in almost any type of fabric or cloth. In particular, it can be common for bed bugs to be spread through clothing and luggage. For this reason, you will want to thoroughly wash any clothing and luggage as soon as you return from a trip. If you delay this type of cleaning, you will give the bed bugs a chance to spread to the rest of your home.

Myth: Leaving On The Lights Will Stop Bed Bugs From Biting You

Some homeowners may assume that bed bugs will only become active if it is extremely dark. For this reason, they may think that leaving the lights on while they sleep will prevent these pests from biting them. While it is true that bed bugs prefer to be active at night, they will still become active once they become hungry enough. As a result, you will find that leaving the lights on while you sleep will do little to protect you against this problem. Due to the fact that there is little that can be done to prevent these insects from biting you, it may be worthwhile for you to vacate your home until the treatment process for the bed bugs is completed. You may want to avoid paying for a hotel, but avoiding these bites can be worth this cost.