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Getting Rid Of A Rat... Or Mouse

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It can be a very big shock to see a rat or a mouse in your home, and it is a very unsettling experience. There are a lot of different thoughts that can go through your head, but the main thing is just that you want to get rid of the pests. Rats and mice are common pest in the United States, and can cause a great deal of property and bodily damage. The fecal pellets of mice and rats have been known to cause Hantavirus. The fleas that may hitch a ride on rats or mice can also carry some deadly diseases. If you find that you have mice or rats in your home, here are a few different things that you should do.

Clean Up

If you have rats or mice in your home, it could be that they are being attracted by a food source. Go through cupboards and check for spilled food. Make sure that everything in you home is extremely clean. If the rats or mice find that their food source is gone, they may move on. The rats or mice that you have in your home may stick around, but it should significantly cut down on any new rats or mice that may want to come into the home.


Rats and mice are very different in nature. Rats are very cautious while mice are more curious. You are going to have an easier time catching mice than you are catching rats. However, the trapping method is still similar. The first thing that you are going to want to do is find the area where the pest is staying. Rats and mice do not move around a great deal. Look for grease stains on your floor board or fecal pellets. Once you have located the mouse or rat set your trap using a common food item. If the pests have been in your cereal, use cereal as bait. It is also important to set the trap perpendicular to the running board. This will force the pest to set the trap off.


If by chance you find that you just can't get rid of your pest problem, you should call a professional from a place like BugOut Pest Control. They will be able to track down the pests and terminate them once and for all. In fact many pest control technicians will be able to perform pest control services a few times a year to keep your home pest free.