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Restaurant Owners With Termites Need To Pay The Treatment Cost ASAP!

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Termites are a disgusting and destructive pest that has no place infesting a restaurant. However, they are often attracted to these businesses due to their high concentration of food and water. Restaurant owners can't ignore this problem but should hire a treatment specialist immediately.

Termites Can Devastate A Restaurant's Foundation

The biggest problem caused by termites is likely the damage they cause to a restaurant's foundation. As they eat the wood construction of a restaurant, they will eventually end up eating away the wooden support beams for the concrete foundation. After awhile, these wood beams are likely to weaken and may even give way to the pressure of the concrete.

Even if they don't collapse entirely, these beams can still shift and cause a lot of damage in a restaurant. For example, foundation damage can cause cracks in walls and floor tiles. This type of damage looks unprofessional and will make people stay away from a restaurant. They can also be dangerous if the building's structural safety is compromised.  

This Damage Can Also Lead To Mold

Even if foundation damage doesn't get severe enough to cause serious damage to a restaurant, it can cause a mold infestation. That's because this kind of damage can let in excessive moisture and provide mold and bacteria with plenty of food.

This problem is serious because it can infect the food of the restaurant and cause both employees and customers to get sick. Even worse, customers may end up seeing termites in the restaurant or getting them in their food. This situation requires immediate and successful treatment methods.

The Cost Comparisons

The dual problems of foundation damage and mold will cost a restaurant owner a hefty amount of money. For example, fixing a foundation will cost an average of about $4,000. However, it can also cost as much as $11,000 if the damage is severe enough. Even worse, managing mold can cost as much as $6,000 in very extreme cases.

Contrasts these costs with the average termite treatment price to see why it is so important to get these pests out of a restaurant. The national average for termite treatment is about $500. At its highest, it should cost no more than $1,400. That's exponentially less than the potential cost of $17,000 it would take to repair a foundation and eliminate mold in a restaurant.

It should be obvious by now that calling a termite control specialist is a much better idea than tolerating a termite infection. These specialists will inspect a restaurant and find where the termites live. Then, they will get rid of them for good. Click here for more info.