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3 Reasons Why Cheese Is Overrated As Mice Bait

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Whenever you see a mouse trap on TV, there's a good chance it'll have a big sliver of cheese set on top of the trigger as bait. The popular image of mice and cheese is so strong that it's hard to imagine them being attracted to anything else. As it turns out, however, cheese is nowhere near the top of a mouse's personal list of favorite foods.

The following offers three reasons why the oft-described love of cheese among mice is largely bunk.

Mice Find the Aroma Annoying

Unlike humans, mice have a remarkably keen sense of smell. This natural ability comes in handy, given that mice typically have poor eyesight. Mice can easily detect and distinguish between different aromas at concentrations that would be impossible for humans to pick up.

While the pungent odors of most cheese varieties may not be enough to knock an average human being's socks off, the aroma can be absolutely overwhelming to a mouse's sense of smell. As a result, mice tend to shy away from cheese unless they're hungry and there's no other food around to eat.

Mice Actually Prefer Other Foods

Mice aren't exactly picky eaters; given the hunger and the opportunity, they'll eat just about anything that gives them enough nutrients to survive. It's not unusual to find mice eating soaps containing animal fats. To a starving mouse, a piece of cheese is as good as any other edible source of nutrition. However, it wouldn't be a mouse's first choice for fine dining.

In the wild, a mouse's diet usually consists of grains, seeds, and fruits. Around humans, mice are usually drawn to pleasantly aromatic foods like peanut butter, chocolate, and hazelnut. If you plan on trapping mice, you'll typically have better luck spreading a dollop of peanut butter on your trap's trigger instead of using cheese.

Cats are Bigger Fans of Cheese

Setting mouse traps around your home with cheese can be a big issue if you have cats in your home. Unlike mice, cats are fond of cheese. Not only is it tasty for most cats, but it's also a good source of protein and calcium.

A trap set with cheese is more likely to draw in a curious cat rather than an adventurous mouse. To avoid accidentally injuring your feline friends, you should use a different type of bait and keep your cats away from actively set traps.

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