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Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Evicting Critters From Your Home

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Whether it's insects, rodents, or other critters, many people have a line where they feel bad calling an exterminator to get pests out of their home. While respecting living creatures is a good thing, you don't have to feel bad about using pest control services. Here's why.

Pests Cause Property Damage and Health Problems

Whether it's ants eating your food, termites destroying your walls, or rodents chewing your insulation, pests cause real property damage. In addition, when pests leave waste or their own decomposing bodies after they die in your ceiling or walls, they make the air in your home harmful to breathe. Even skin or fur shedding can trigger allergies and respiratory issues.

Taking a live and let live approach could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair bills or medical costs. To protect your health and your wallet, you have to accept that you can't share your home with pests.

Evicting Critters Doesn't Mean Killing Them

While it's true that many pest control companies use techniques that harm or kill the pests, there are completely humane methods that can be used to remove pests from your home. As the homeowner, it's your right to insist that only humane methods be used.

Live traps are the most common humane option. As the name suggests, a live trap captures the pest alive so that it can be released back into its natural habitat or taken to an animal rescue center.

Even if you don't particularly care if the pests are harmed, you still probably want to ask for live traps in some situations. For example, you wouldn't want to poison mice, squirrels, or bats and have them die and rot in a hard-to-reach portion of your attic or the insides of your walls. Additionally, harming a mother mammal could mean leaving her babies to starve inside of your home.

For the good of both the animals and your own wellbeing, ask that your pest control company only use live traps or other humane methods.

Barring Critters is Good For Them

Having your pest control company critter-proof your home is good for the critters as well as you. In addition to not having to worry about how to humanely boot them out later, you're saving them from unhealthy human foods, household chemicals, electrical wires, and other hazards.

To learn more about pest control services that you'll feel good about using, contact a local pest control company like K2 Kritter Solutions today.