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3 Tips For Keeping Your Apartment Building Pest Free

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Having a pest problem, such as an infestation of mice, bedbugs, or spiders, would be a major problem for any business. It's an even more serious issue when you own an apartment building because new tenants can so easily bring in pests from their previous apartments. One relatively minor pest problem can quickly translate to financial loss if your tenants post negative reviews and discourage prospective tenants from renting an apartment. Here are a few ways to keep your building pest-free so you never have to face this problem:

Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company

The most effective way to keep your apartment building pest-free is to hire a trusted pest control company who specializes in commercial buildings. Hiring them before you actually have a pest problem is wise because it means they can spray your building and grounds to prevent pests from entering, and to make sure that any that do make their way into the building die quickly before an infestation can begin. Your commercial pest control company will put you on a schedule to keep your building protected from pests year-round.

Many commercial pest control companies have discreet vehicles and uniforms, so none of your tenants or prospective tenants will realize there are exterminators present. They can also choose pest control sprays that do not harm children or pets and are odor-free, to maintain a safe, pleasant environment at your apartment building.

Keep Your Property Spotless

Many pests, including insects and mice, are attracted to a dirty and cluttered environment because it provides hiding spaces as well as potential sources of food. To make your apartment building as unappealing to pests as possible, it's a good idea to hire commercial cleaners to routinely sweep, mop, wipe down surfaces, and tidy up the lobby, mail room, and all other common areas of your apartment building. It's also important to keep the exterior of your building free of trash, and keep your grass mowed and landscaping trimmed.

Update Your Garbage Bins

Garbage bins and trash cans should be in good repair, with tightly fitting lids and no cracks or holes. It is worth the cost to upgrade old, worn out garage bins to ensure a clean and pest-free apartment community. It's also important to have a contract with your local garbage company to empty the bins frequently, so that trash does not accumulate and attract pests.

Being proactive in these ways will ensure your building remains pest-free, keeping you and your tenants happy. Contact a service, like Paffy's Pest Control , for more help.