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How Bird Netting Keeps Birds Away From Your Restaurant

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While it isn't possible to keep every bird away from your restaurant, you can stop them from moving in and taking over. Birds pose big problems for restaurants that include health violations, destruction of property, and disturbing guests. An easy way to control birds without hurting them is with bird netting. Here's how it works and why you should use it.

How Bird Netting Works

Bird netting keeps birds from gathering where you don't want them. The nets block vents and other small openings around the roof so birds can't find places to stay and build nests. Netting can also be applied under an awning to keep birds from landing on the support structure and making messes on people below. Netting doesn't harm the birds; it just creates a barrier they can't pass through when they're looking for somewhere to land.

Why Netting Is A Good Choice

Birds are often difficult to control when they're determined to land on your building. Things like fake owls and mobiles that move in the breeze might work temporarily, but the birds soon wise up that the items won't hurt them. Poisoning birds is a bad idea, since their bodies could litter your property and turn off guests. A dead bird you can't find could create a foul odor you definitely don't want around your restaurant. Harming the birds with traps and other devices is unnecessary, since it's much easier to just keep them away with a barrier device like netting.

How Bird Netting Benefits Your Restaurant

Bird netting is useful in many commercial settings, but it is particularly beneficial for restaurants. When birds gather on your roof, they leave droppings around your restaurant that disturb guests. No one wants to eat in an unsanitary restaurant. If you have outdoor dining, the birds could bother your guests by stealing food or getting too close while they eat. Bird droppings on outdoor tables and on your building could also result in health code violations that give your restaurant a bad reputation. All of these problems can be eliminated by using bird netting that keeps the birds away.

Even with bird netting, you may still have stray birds that fly through and land on your outdoor tables or hang around the sidewalk, but these birds aren't problems. Birds only become problems for a restaurant when they move onto the property because they have handy places to land and build nests. You can save money and time on cleaning up bird messes and damage by having netting installed that keeps them away.

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