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3 Major Reasons Why You Need A Bed Bug Professional

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Have you or your family members started waking up with itchy red bumps? Did you go to the doctor and get told that these bumps are likely the result of bed bug bites? Contrary to the beliefs of some people, you don't need to be dirty or have a dirty home in order to get a bed bug infestation. All that needs to happen is for one or two bed bugs to hitch a ride on a piece of clothing or in some used furniture, and then you're stuck having to get rid of them. While it can seem frustrating and embarrassing, it's crucial that you get professional intervention in as soon as possible. Some of the most important reasons to call in a professional include:

Confirmation: Although you may very well need a professional bed bug treatment, there are a number of insects that can cause similar issues. For instance, flea bites can have symptoms that are somewhat similar to those of bed bugs. If you have pets, it's even possible that you have both types of insects living in your home at once. A professional exterminator will know exactly what to look for to confirm exactly what sort of insects are plaguing you and your family.

Effectiveness: Bed bugs are extremely hardy creatures. Depending on what stage they are in, they may be able to go many days to months at a time without eating. They are also naturally resistant to many common pesticides that can be purchased at a local hardware store and that you might otherwise use to attempt to get rid of the bed bugs. Fortunately, a professional bed bug treatment will take this potential resistance into account. The exterminator should have access to a much wider array of pest elimination products than you have, allowing them to get rid of your problem much more quickly and easily.

Safety: Because bed bugs often survive amateur pest control products, many homeowners simply start to use more and more chemicals in an attempt to ensure that their bed bug treatment program starts working. Unfortunately, simply increasing the amount of pesticide in use is unlikely to significantly harm the bed bugs but could wind up seriously harming you and your family. Avoid having to spend time in the hospital for poisoning by calling in a bed bug professional. He or she will set up a treatment plan that involves the use of as few potentially hazardous chemicals as possible, limiting your family's exposure to anything that might be toxic.

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