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How To Stop Pests From Getting Into Your Home

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Are you worried about pests getting into your home and want to take preventative steps? If so, it will help to know these tips to stop those pests from getting inside. 

Evaluate Your Home For Entrance Points

The first step is to walk around your home and make a note of any places where pets can potentially find a way inside. You should be looking for places that are damaged in a way that can let a pest inside. This includes window screens that have rips in them, a foundation that is cracked, or weather stripping that is missing or damaged. Your roofing may have vent covers that are missing or holes in the soffits. You'll want to fix all of these things as a preventative measure before moving forward with any sort of barrier treatment.

Clean Up Around The Foundation

It will help to clean up the area around your home so that it is ready for a barrier treatment. You should pull back mulch about half a foot so that it is not touching your home's foundation. You'll also want to trim any branches or bushes that are rubbing up against your home. This will allow the chemicals you will use to get deep into the soil around the home where those pests tend to live.

Apply A Barrier Treatment

You'll need a few tools in order to apply a pest barrier treatment. In addition to safety gear, such as a mask, goggles, and gloves, you'll need a 1-gallon pump sprayer and an insecticide. Make sure to wear your safety gear when mixing the insecticide in the pump sprayer according to the directions. 

This insecticide spray should be applied in a continuous band around your home, which extends approximately three feet up the side of the home and three feet into the surrounding soil. Slowly make your way around your home to create this continuous band of insecticide to keep the pests away. 

When you reach your door frames, you'll want to go around the entire frame with the insecticide. You should also spray around openings where pipes and cables go into your home, even if they are above three feet from the ground. 

Not up to the challenge of taking these steps? Contact a local pest control service for their assistance. They'll be sure to get the job done properly to keep those pests away from your home.