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Termite Bait Systems 101: An Intro For Worried Homeowners

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The discovery of a termite problem in your home or on your property can be scary. These wood-eaters have the capability of eating their way through thousands of dollars worth of your home and compromising structural integrity. You can take a lot of different routes to contain the problem as quickly as possible, but your first plan of action should always be to contact a pest control professional for help. One of the effective methods these professionals rely on these days is the termite bait system. Here is a brief intro to the termite bait system so you know what to expect if this something your chosen agent recommends. 

What exactly is a termite bait system?

A termite bait system is a system of installed bait stations that are filled with an attractive bait the termites will eat. Soon after ingestion, the termite will die. The stations can be placed in areas where termites usually travel, so there is a greater chance of exposure. Keep in mind that the bait will have to be replenished by a professional pest control agent over a certain time frame until the problem has been fully eradicated. 

What is the "bait" made of?

Termite bait systems are filled with a bait solution made of cellulose from wood and a pesticidal agent. The pesticide may not immediately kill a bug, which means the termite may travel back to the colony where other bugs will be exposed. 

Why are bait systems referred to as a delayed-action solution for termites?

Some termite treatments get to work immediately; in other words, the treatment can drastically reduce population numbers of the colony almost immediately. The primary immediate-action treatment is a pesticidal spray. Nevertheless, immediate-action treatments have their limitations. Primarily, the spray is only going to be effective for a short window after it is has been applied. Delayed-action solutions like termite bait systems may not get to work immediately, but they can be more effective at fully eradicating a problem. And, the systems can continually work for weeks after installation. 

Can termite bait systems be placed inside the house?

The majority of the bait stations will likely be placed outdoors or even under the house. However, if there is an obvious colony of termites that has made a path through the interior of the house, a bait station may be placed indoors. Keep in mind that the stations have to be kept away from small children and pets, so if you have either in the house, there can be limitations on where the stations can be placed.