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What You Can Do If Termites Are Feeding Off Of Your House

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Termites are a pest that can do a lot of damage to any wooden structure. They can feed off of dead trees, which can make them very dangerous, and they can also feed off of the rotting wood in and around your home. This can cause your home to not be structurally sound. Your home could end up needing repair work in addition to needing to be fumigated to get rid of these pests. If you have found that you have termites, you're going to need to do something to prevent a structural issue with your home. Read on for a few things you can do.

Call An Exterminator

Calling an exterminator is the first thing you are going to need to do. Termites can work quickly and eat through a lot of rotting wood, so if you have any rotting wood on your home or moist wood, these pests are going to make their way through it all and quickly. You also need to act quickly, and hiring a professional exterminator is the best thing you can do. A pest control specialist that provides termite services is going to know the right way to get rid of termites and what you are going to need to do to prevent them from coming back. 

Repair Or Replace Rotting Wood

If you have had a leak that is rotting away the wood on your home, or you have rotting wood from some other issue, you need to make any necessary repairs or replace any wood that needs to be replaced. This rotting wood is what is attracting these pests, so if you have rotting wood, it has to go. Look around where you have found signs of termites and tap on your home to try and find what sounds hollow. Remove anything covering the wood and replace the wood beneath.

Remove Exterior Wood Piles Or Dead Trees

If you have woodpiles that are moist, or you have trees in your yard that are dead, termites may be feeding off of these, but it's too close to your home that they will eventually come to your home as well. If you have other areas with rotting wood, you need to get rid of these to prevent them from coming to your home next for food. Have dead trees removed, and cover piles of wood to keep it dry, or move the woodpiles far away from your home.

If you have termites feeding on your home, you are going to need to do something quickly to prevent these pests from taking over your home. Call an exterminator today for help.