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Are You The Cause Of Your Termite Problem? What Changes You Should Make

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Termites are a pest that can leave your home and other exterior structures in ruin. These pests are not the ideal pest that you would want to have, and they need to be removed from your home carefully and properly. If you don't get rid of these pests, they could damage your home, requiring a lot of extensive repair work. The cause of these termites may have been caused by things that you are actually doing. Read on for changes you can make to prevent termites in your home.

Store Firewood Properly 

Firewood that you may have stacked against your home or against your garage or other outdoor structure may be leading to these termites. Termites like moist, rotting wood, and if you have these stacks of firewood close to these structures, they could be attracting these pests. Eventually, the stacks of wood will begin to rot anything around it as well, and your home could start to rot, attracting these pests to your home. Store the firewood away from your home and from other structures, and be sure to cover the wood with a tarp to help keep it dry.

Repair Rotting Wood

Any rotting wood you have on your home needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have a wooden deck that has rotting boards, replace them to prevent attracting these pests to your home. If you have rotting columns on your porch, replace them. Any leaks in your roof or on other parts of your home that could be rotting and attracting termites need to be repaired immediately. You should also inspect around windows and doors to be sure you don't have any rotting wood around these areas as well. Even if you have siding covering your windows or doors, the wood below may be rotten and should be inspected.

Repair Leaks

Leaks that you may have, such as from a faucet inside your home, or from an outside spigot, can lead to a problem with termites. If you have a water leak inside or outside of your home that needs to be repaired, you need to do so. The leak could be rotting something inside or outside your home. Make the necessary repairs to prevent from causing rotting wood in or out of your home.

If you have termites, it could be caused by things you have or haven't done around your home. Hire a pest control company to treat this pest problem for you, like Good News Pest Solutions.