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Do You Have Termites In Your Home? 4 Simple Pro Tips To Control Their Spread

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Termites subtly announce their presence once they set up camp in your home. Typically, you will notice small indicators like a hollow or blistered wooden sofa. The signs are easy to ignore, and if you are not keen, your home might suffer massive damage that will cost thousands of dollars to fix. The insects quietly eat at the foundation of your building and move up to the rest of the structure. However, you can eliminate the damage that they cause by using the recommended termite control measures. Here are four simple pro tips you will find helpful in controlling them. 

Seal the Home Against Moisture

Moisture is the top factor that attracts all types of pests to your home. When you get rid of moisture, you keep the termites at bay. Moisture control can be something as easy as installing a dehumidifier in humid areas. You could also seal the foundation and install a sump pump to drain excess water in the basement. You can run the air conditioning system constantly in the summer as it maintains cool and dry conditions. 

Declutter the Home

Another common reason for a termite infestation is when you have too many hiding places inside the house. Clutter-like old furniture, carelessly stored books, old cardboard boxes, and others can form excellent breeding and hiding spaces for the termites. You can eliminate the damage these insects will cause in your home by simply cleaning out any junk in the garage, basement, attic, and other hidden corners of the house. 

Treat Wood Before Painting

Termites enjoy munching on dry wood. Typically, they start eating from the inside of the wood outwards. Most people discover the wooden parts of their home have termite damage when only hollow tubes remain. However, you can prevent this damage by applying chemicals like Borate to the wood before painting. It is a strong termite repellent that needs little effort to spray on the planks. 

Fix Water Leaks

Leaks lead to mold damage and eventually rot. Rotten wood is more attractive to termites than fresh and robust wooden components. When you fix the leaks, you stop water damage, which eliminates the rotting. 

Termites can cause you damage worth thousands of dollars to fix. They can also weaken your house to the extent of compromising its structural integrity. You can avoid these losses by applying maintenance tips. Finally, call a termite control company, such as TRS Exterminating, immediately if you notice termites.