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3 Pests That Could Be Hanging Out In Your Attic

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The attic is one area of the home that is often overlooked in the house. If your attic isn't finished and is just an area you use for storage, it is easy to forget about it. However, it is essential to keep a close eye on your attic as it is a great place for pests to hide out and make a home. Attics tend to be dark and without a lot of human traffic, making it the perfect place for a pest to create a home.  

Pest #1: Spiders 

When space is dark and not often used, it is almost inevitable that you will end up with some spiders. Most spiders are harmless, but that doesn't mean that you want them hanging out in your attic. If you have a lot of spiders in your attic, you will want to work with a pest control specialist to kill the spiders that are present.  

Then, you will want to seal up any entry points to the outside world to keep the spiders out and clean up your landscaping, so you don't have vegetation coming into direct contact with your home.  

Pest #2: Ants 

Ants can be annoying to have in your home, and your attic is just one of the places where they may decide to take up residence. With ants, generally, all you need to do to figure out where they are coming from is let them do their thing and follow their path.  

This should lead you to where they are getting in. Once you seal up their point of entry, you are going to want to use a professional pest service to kill the ants, and to ensure that their colony or nest is killed, so that the ants don't keep trying to get back into your home or move to another location in your home.  

Pest #3: Mice 

Mice are one of the most annoying pests that like to take up residence in your attic. Mice tend to move indoors when it gets cold outside, and they like to find places that are warm, dark, and secluded, which is exactly what most attics are.  

Mice may look cute, but they can cause a lot of damage. They can chew through walls and wires, damaging your property. They can contribute to electrical fires by damaging electrical wires and causing sparks that lead to a fire. More importantly, mice can spread a host of diseases, such as tapeworm, so you are going to want to work with a pest control professional to get rid of the mice as soon as possible. That will include sealing up access points, cleaning up the damage, and catching the ones inside your home.  

Be sure to peak into your attic from time to time to ensure that you don't have any pests taking residents up there. If you do find a pest has taken up residence in your attic, you are going to need to engage the services of a pest control professional to get rid of your attic pests for good.  

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