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Here's Why Outdoor Treatments Are Often Included In Scheduled Pest Control Services

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If you've never had pest control services before, you may wonder what they entail. An exterminator has a variety of treatment methods to try, and one of them is to apply pesticide outdoors. Your scheduled regular treatments might all be done outside depending on your exterminator's policies. Here's why outdoor treatments can keep bugs out of your house too.

Roaches Come In From Outside

You might bring roaches home from the grocery store in the bottom of a paper bag, but it's common for roaches to crawl in from outside. If you've ever turned over a clump of wet leaves, you may have seen roaches scurry everywhere. Roaches that live outside love damp areas, so they can thrive and multiply fast when the weather is warm.

Some roaches may wander inside under your door, especially if you keep mulch near your foundation. When the pest control service applies pesticide outside, they may do so near your foundation and go around the perimeter of your house. This kills the bugs that try to enter your house so you can avoid an infestation of roaches that comes in from the outside.

Outdoor Treatments Control Mosquitoes And Fleas

Fleas and mosquitoes are annoying outdoor pests that make it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. If fleas get inside your house, you may need treatments indoors too, but it's best to treat your yard so they don't get inside. When it comes to dealing with mosquitoes, you want to kill them outside so they don't fly in your house where you have to swat them to get rid of them.

A pest control service has effective treatments for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, so those summertime pests won't invade your home. This might include spraying plants and shady areas where these pests hang out, and you may need to have multiple treatments over the summer so you can reclaim your yard and keep the pests from getting inside your house.

Termites And Ants Live Outside

If you have ants in your kitchen, there's a good chance they come indoors from a colony that's outside. The pest control service may follow the ants to track down the nest and treat it with pesticide. They might also set up bait stations so the ants will carry poison back to the colony. This is an effective way to deal with an ant invasion, since killing trails of ants that wander around your kitchen won't do anything about the colony that keeps sending more ants inside.

Termites behave in a similar manner, especially the common subterranean termite. They live in colonies outside and wander into your house in search of food and damp wood. The exterminator may use liquid termiticide to kill them, or they may put out bait stations that work slowly over time.