Residential Routine Pest Control Maintenance

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Determine When You May Have a Pest Infestation

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Many homeowners recognize the importance of having their home and yard treated routinely for pests from day one. However, there are a lot of others who don't take pest control around their home seriously enough. They may just kill the pests they see, when they see them, then forget about it. However, going this route is very risky because there is a good chance that the home will eventually become infested by numerous types of pests. If you tend to be more like the latter example and prefer to just kill pests when you see them, then you should educate yourself on the signs of a possible infestation. This way, you can at least recognize there's a serious issue and hopefully get rid of the pests before permanent damage has been done to your home. 

You see what looks like coffee grounds

If you are finding small dirt that looks similar to coffee grounds in areas like inside drawers and cabinets, along the baseboards, and under appliances, then this is likely excrement from pests. One type of pest that is a big possibility is roaches. The sooner you start having your home treated for roaches, the better. They can multiply quickly and be very difficult to get rid of once there is an actual infestation. Roaches are very dirty and can transmit illnesses, like salmonella. They can also cause a lot of problems for people with asthma

You are finding areas that have been gnawed

If you are finding things around your home and property that have been gnawed, then this can indicate there is an infestation of rodents and/or other small wildlife. Some of the things that these pests can gnaw on include wood, paper, clothing, upholstery, wiring, insulation, and more. They gnaw at these things to gather them and use them to create their nests. If you are starting to find this type of damage, then you should have a pest control company come out right away. 

You are seeing pests regularly

If you are seeing more and more of the same type of pests in your home, then there is likely already an infestation. The longer you wait to have a residential pest control company come out to treat your home, the more serious that infestation will get. You can end up with damage to your home, filthy areas, and even health complications, depending on the pests and the risks they bring. Get pest control out as soon as you can to put an end to your pest problems.