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Taking Action To Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

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If you have had difficulties with mice getting inside your home in the past, you have likely contacted a pest control service to remove them for you. To keep rodents from infesting your home again in the future, take these actions as preventative measures.

Conduct A Full Evaluation Of Your Home's Exterior

Mice will head toward homes when the weather outdoors is cool, precipitation is present, or if they are in search of food or water. If you have voids along the exterior of your home, they become entryways to the inside areas. Take the time to assess your home's siding, roofing materials, windows, doors, and foundation level regularly to check for signs of holes or cracks. If they are found, repair them promptly to keep pests on the outside of your home.

Make Sure To Remove All Food Remnants Inside

If food is left out on counters or crumbs accumulate on floors, you are bound to have a pest problem as a result. It is imperative that you clean up any food remnants inside your home to keep pests from reaching them. Tend to floors regularly to remove crumbs, wipe down counters after preparing food on them, and keep any leftovers inside sealed containers in your refrigerator if possible. If you need to store food in a pantry or cabinet, double-check that it is placed in a sealed container to eliminate odor.

Tend To The Outside Areas To Keep Mice Away From Your Home

If your yard is attractive to mice, they will stick around and eventually make their way closer and closer to your structure. Remove attractions from your yard so mice move on to other areas. This includes keeping cut wood far from your home, removing or covering water sources, and feeding outside animals while they are monitored so you can remove leftovers before mice have a chance to get to them. Cut tree branches and bushes so they do not touch your home as well.

Hire A Pest Control Service To Be On The Safe Side

Many homeowners use pest control services each year to aid in keeping mice from becoming problematic. Even if you do not see mice inside your home, they may be lurking between walls, in your attic, or in your basement. A pest control service such as DFW BUG will be able to evaluate the interior of your home for signs of mice and will use the proper tools to trap or kill them as needed.