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Six Yard Maintenance Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Risk Of Pest Infestations

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Pest infestations in your yard aren't just a problem by themselves. Outdoor pest infestations also make it likely that pests will reach the interior of your home and create an indoor pest problem as well.

You need to take care of your yard properly so that you succeed in avoiding pest issues. The following are six yard maintenance mistakes that are increasing your risk of pest infestations. 

Failing to completely clean your grill after use

Your grill can attract pests if there are pieces of food that you leave in it after use. Be sure to thoroughly clean out your grill immediately after you finish with it to avoid inadvertently giving pests a meal and encouraging them to stick around. 

Allowing stagnant water to sit in your yard

Having puddles of water or buckets full of water in your yard can also attract a variety of different pests. Pests need water to live, and insects like mosquitos and some types of flies may lay eggs in water. You therefore shouldn't allow standing water to accumulate anywhere in your yard. 

Stacking wood too close to your home's exterior walls

Some homeowners get into the bad habit of stacking firewood right up against the side of their home. This is not a good idea because some insect pests like termites live in wood and might get into your home if you stack firewood against your home's exterior. 

Make sure you stack wood piles well away from your home's exterior. 

Growing the wrong flowers

The flowers you grow in your yard could help to keep pests away if you choose the right varieties. Flowers such as marigolds are known for repelling certain pests including mosquitos. Add pest-repelling flowers to your landscaping if you're concerned about outdoor pests. 

Having a patio and yard that are cluttered

Keeping your yard organized can keep pests away. A yard that's messy with clutter can present pests with a lot of great hiding places where they can build nests. If you routinely clear clutter away and avoid yard disorganization, you may be able to more successfully avoid pest problems. 

Using trash cans that don't have any covers

Be sure to invest in covers for your trash cans. If your trash cans don't have any covers, pests might come to your yard to eat food in your trash. Having no covers on your trash cans doesn't just attract pests, but can also cause unpleasant odors around your yard. 

For more information, contact an outdoor pest control company near you.