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Eliminating Pesky Spiders From Your Property

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You have recently noticed several spiders hanging around on the exterior of your home and personal items on your property. If this is the case, you likely want to find a way to eradicate them quickly. There are several actions to take to aid in the elimination of spiders when they become large in number. Try these tips to keep your property as free of spiders as possible.

Keep On Top Of Outdoor Illumination

Spiders will congregate in areas where there are several insects available to feast on. Since insects tend to be drawn to light, it is wise to monitor your outdoor lighting situation. Opt for bulbs with a lower wattage as this will keep some bugs from being drawn to the light sources on and around your home. Instead of keeping your exterior light on all night long, turn it off when you decide it is time to go to bed. Wipe off lighting fixtures regularly to remove any live insects from them.

Keep Outdoor Furnishings Clean

Spiders are known to harbor themselves under chairs, inside containers, and inside cracks of outdoor furniture. Make it a priority to clean your outdoor belongings often. This removes webs that spiders have spun, making it difficult for them to remain if they want a long-term home to settle in. Wash down any kids' toys and playground equipment to keep spiders from laying eggs on these items. Pressure wash the exterior of your home to jar any spider eggs from crevices.

Perform Regular Landscape Maintenance Tasks

An overgrown lawn hides all types of pests. To see what your insect and spider population looks like, keep your lawn trim and neat. Tend to shrubbery to keep branches at a reasonable length. This makes it more difficult for spiders to utilize these plants for their webs. Keep on top of refuse removal from gutters so insects do not harbor themselves inside of them, as they will attract spiders to the area.

Use Pest Control Options

If the spider situation on your property is noticeable, consider hiring a pest control service to come to the rescue. A worker sent to the home will treat your lawn and the perimeter of your home with a product made especially for spider control. This is usually done while people and pets remain inside or leave the home for a bit so the agent used has a chance to disperse. 

For more information about pest control, contact a local service.