Residential Routine Pest Control Maintenance

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Termite Bait Systems 101: An Intro For Worried Homeowners

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The discovery of a termite problem in your home or on your property can be scary. These wood-eaters have the capability of eating their way through thousands of dollars worth of your home and compromising structural integrity. You can take a lot of different routes to contain the problem as quickly as possible, but your first plan of action should always be to contact a pest control professional for help. One of the effective methods these professionals rely on these days is the termite bait system. Read More»

Got Ants? Don't Get Caught Up In The Myths!

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Got ants in the house? It’s no surprise—these hard-working pests can show up in droves, and some species enjoy human dwellings just as much as humans. If you expect to get rid of an ant problem, it is best to get the myths out of the way and get in touch with an ant control agent for help.  Myth: An ant is an ant; they’re all pretty much the same.  Read More»